The Ladybug Express!

Festive Season Spectacular!

Celebrate Christmas with us as we help Little Seed grow into a magical Christmas tree and show Cheeky Crow how to spread Christmas Cheer. There are Christmas Carols for everyone to join in on, and be on the look out for a surprise visit from Santa's Elf all the way from the north pole. Our Festive Season Spectacular is perfect for the holiday season.



Join us on a fun filled musical adventure to sing, dance and play games with our loveable cast of characters including Roses the fairy, a mouse called Pickle Mouskawitz and Cheeky Crow who thinks everything is BORING! Play Wise Old Sabi's trivia, watch how Little Seed grows and work together to make magic happen so that Annie can change back into a human and finish the show!




Gypsy Wagon Puppet Theatre!

Featuring our enchanted hand crafted staging, interactive pantomime & original songs, explores themes of belonging, being & becoming as well as games, songs, ventriloquism and stories revolving around friendship, kindness and music.

The guitar is tuned…

The crowd is ready…

But we can’t start the show yet…

Annie has turned herself into a ladybug puppet!

The Suitcase Show!


What’s inside the suitcases?

Discover the secrets that lay within each case.... including a mystery birthday cake made out of fruit (and ROCKS?!!), a kooky confused emu called Emily who’s a bit of a birdbrain and a beautiful pop up style theatre that charmingly reveals a whole world and tells a story of friendship, cultural diversity, and the unifying nature of music.

Want something extra special? Our shows can be performed in our Gypsy Wagon Puppet Theatre. On its own or it can be towed around by a bicycle adding the extra wonder of a parade to your festival or special event.

This 45 minute show featuring our enchanted hand crafted staging, interactive pantomime & original songs, explores themes of working together, healthy eating and being respectful to other people.